Business mission


To assist with your entry into foreign markets, we design trips based on the objective of exploring opportunities and potential, understanding foreign legal requirements, building new connections and developing new relationships. In our bid to uplift enterprises of our members, we cannot neglect the potential and opportunities that can be explored in the overseas market, either in increasing revenue by tapping into a bigger consumer market or reducing costs through technological innovations and potentially cheaper resources.

Explore Foreign Business Opportunities and Potentials

Build & Develop Professional Relationships

Understand Foreign Legal Requirements


Unfortunately, currently the trip did not materialize but will update if there are any future possibilities.

As an initiative by the MFA and a follow up to the previous engagement with the Palestinian Authority, we have been invited to visit West Bank for the purpose of building up relationships as well as exploring opportunities in the region.


  • Market relies on importing 90% of its needs
  • Small but growing market population growing at an estimated 3% per year.
  • Ease of getting paid through an efficient banking sector.

INDUSTRY: Multi-Industry

Dates: Early Feb 2023

We have decided to postpone the trip to a later date to allow more people to participate

The objective of this mission is to explore business potential in Malaysia. We will be visiting Penang, Kualal Lumpur, Malacca and Johor.


  •  Visits to the different chambers in each state.
  • Industrial Site Visit
  • Networking with local businesses


  • No.1 in Global Islamic Economy Indicator
  • Stable economy, educated work force
  • Ranked very high on the Ease of Doing Business Index
  • As a tourist country, there is a growing consumer market that can be tapped on

Industry: Multi-Industry

Dates: Middle July 2023

Lombok, Indonesia is currently building up its tourism industry in an attempt to make a push to be an established tourism area.


  • A developing area that is condusive for businesses looking to venture into Indonesia
  • 3 times the size of Singapore
  • Hosts multiple MOTO GP and F1 events
  • Governor looking to bring in more foreign investors and foreign businesses

INDUSTRY: F&B and Retail

Dates: Q3 of 2023

Uzbekistan market is currently growing and there is an opportunity to explore and grow businesses there.


  • Labour Intensive sectors can tap into cheaper labour resources
  • High population growth and growing middle income earners means a bigger internal pool of consumers
  • An entry point to Central Asia, with potential to export into CIS countries
  • Rich in natural resources
  • Incentives for foreign investors which includes tax exemptions and customs duty exemptions (Based on investment amount)
  • As a relatively untapped market, can expect low competition in certain sectors such as retail

Industry: TBC

Dates: Late Oct to Early November 2023

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