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Digital Technological Solution Partner

Weehome Group sprung off as an e-Commerce digital merchant in 2018. With the changes happening even before the pandemic took place, Weehome witnessed the importance of digitalization in e-Commerce and brought upon experiences, transferring valuable insights to clients, accompanying individuals and corporations on their e-Commerce journey. Weehome Group provides warehousing solution to clients, supporting their readiness and speed to market.

Neu Entity is a design-driven agency specializing in web development, marketing, and branding. Building beautiful brands is what we do. Our core services include web design, development, strategy, and content creation.

Our priority is to see our clients succeed. Let us help you define your brand’s direction, and we’ll navigate the waters with you to reach your destination, and beyond.

Success Story: Spajelita

SpaJelita utilises popular online shopping platform Shopee to increase awareness and sales. It led to higher visits to their physical shop and saw a boost in sales.


  • Decent sales
  • Cessation of roadshows and events hampered their outreach


Revitalise Shopee account by introducing the use of vouchers campaign


  • Increase of sales through e-marketplace
  • Indirect increase of footfall to their physical store