SMCCI Academy offers a variety of short courses for individuals who are looking to explore new topics of interest or specialise in a specific topic

SA001 Brand Positioning to Stand Out

SA002 Creating Content to Drive Sales

SA003 Developing a Social Media Campaign

SA004 Innovative Marketing Strategies

SA005 Making Sense of Social Media Analytics

SA006 Marketing & Corporate Communications 

SA007 Social Media & Content Strategy

SA008 Business Negotiation & Deal Closure

SA009 Business Planning & Modelling for Success

SA010 Incorporation of Companies

SA011 International Expansion

SA012 Introduction to Home-Based Businesses

SA014 Project Management

SA013 Procurement & Corporate Governance

SA015 Putting Your Business on a Canvas

SA016 Starting Right with Business Fundamentals

SA017 Apply Lean Thinking in the Workplace 

SA018 Design Thinking for Businesses

SA019 Making The Right Decisions: Critical Thinking for Success

SA020 Digitalisation

SA021 Leveraging Digital Platforms for Productivity

SA022 The Leader In Me: Leading with Technology

SA023 A Bona Fide Financial Whiz: Earn, Save & Invest!

SA024 Building a Financial Forecast

SA025 Financial Analysis

SA026 Financial & Growth Strategies

SA027 Importance of Budgeting & Bookkeeping

SA028 Manage Overdue Payments & Debt Recovery

SA029 Simplifying Finance for Small Businesses

SA030 Startup Funding for Entrepreneurs

SA031 Understanding Financial Statements

SA032 Developing Cross-Cultural Mindedness to Become Effective Global Muslim Leaders 

SA033 Halal Industry Fundamentals

SA034 Introduction to Halalpreneurship

SA035 Introduction to Islamic Business Finance

SA036 Islamic Work Ethics

SA037 Muslim-Owned Establishment Certification

SA038 Develop a Flair for Business Writing: The Secret to Exceptional Writing

SA039 Finding Your Voice: Speak Like a Pro 

SA040 Service Orientation in a Highly Interconnected World

SA041 Unlock Your True Potential: Journey to Self-Discovery & Goal-Setting




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